Rotating elements and flanges

Products for chip removal from the raw material by turning and broaching operations, rotating elements and flanges are used particularly for the transmission of mechanical motion in the bridge axles and axles.

Made of C40 steel, they are subjected to security classification according to the chemical characteristics of the material: this means that the used steel must undergo periodic strictly established controls, to ensure its breaking strength even under high-contraction stresses, such as precisely those in which these elements are operated once they are placed in their seat.

Intended for all types of road vehicles and more generally to the automotive field, Aira Valentino is capable of producing a wide range of these elements, both in terms of size, shapes and characteristics, to meet the needs of application in the most different vehicles.

Data sheet

component made of C40 for the assembly of bridge axles and  axles 

road vehicles.

the finished product is delivered with metal IFAST standard container

Some of our rotating elements and flanges by Precision Machining signed by Aira Valentino Precision Machining signed by Aira Valentino