Differential housings

The differential housings, C43 steel components for the assembly of braking systems of road vehicles, are another field of specialization of Aira Valentino, which is capable of producing for its customers the most diverse types of product. Thanks to considerable technological investment, Aira Valentino today can produce pieces of dimensions up to 30-40 cm in three dimensions and also perform machining in multiple stages, by acting separately on the two half-parts, thus ensuring quality and precision.
Its flexibility is both in the design phase and in the production and this guarantees that a wide range of needs is satisfied. The differential housings are made by machining from raw material by using a machining center.

Data sheet

component made of C43 , for braking system assembly 

Road  vehicles.

the finished product is delivered with metal IFAST standard container.

Some of our differential housings by Precision Machining signed by Aira Valentino. Precision Machining signed by Aira Valentino.