Brake caliper supports

Made of 25MnCr6 steel, brake caliper supports are used for the assembly of braking systems in the most different road vehicles. Given the delicate nature of the task to be performed, not only the quality of the machining that is performed is of great importance, but also a constant control on the compliance of the material to the required characteristics.

Aira Valentino, in accordance with the security material classification, thus performs regular checks on the material used for the realization of these components, which are therefore guaranteed against breaking.

The supports for the brake calipers are made by machining from raw material by using a machining center.

Data sheet

component made of 25MNCR6 stee, for braking system assembly 

Road  vehicles.

the finished product is delivered with metal IFAST standard container.

Some of our brake caliper supports by Precision Machining signed by Aira Valentino. Precision Machining signed by Aira Valentino.